The Winter Olympics | 20 Things In 10 Words Or Less

In no particular order 20 things we love about something in 10 words or less……

The Winter Olympics

 Our new-found expertise…on everything: It’s amazing how much we know every 4 years.

Curling: 6 pack, bag of nuts, ice brushes, done.


The Luge: How fast?!


The Luge Split Times Ooooh Noise: Guaranteed noise when they’re under the time needed.


The Luge Split Times Ahh Noise: Guaranteed nosie when you think they’re under then you see they’re over.


The Work Chat Expertise: Did you see? Of course you did!


The Excuses for Work Fatigue: Sorry, I was up watching the Nordic Combined until 4am!



Ice Hockey on the World Stage: It’s just great to watch!


The Steven Bradbury mentions: On Aussie commentary, I give it 1 night.

The Steven Bradbury re-run: It genuinely never gets old.


Comparing childhood sledging stories to the luge: ‘Telling you, hill near mine, I nearly went that fast’



Asking yourself on every sport…: How the hell do people get in to this?


The Ski slalom: If you’ve ever skied, you know how good this is!


How cold they all look at medal ceremonies: It’s definitely better to watch from home isn’t it.


Ski Jumping: It is bonkers though isn’t it?!



Snowboarding: No words needed, just cool.



Being reminded to watch great films: You must watch Cool Runnings and Blades of Glory again.



Aussie Commentary: They may well know less than us.


The Eddie The Eagle Mentions: What a story though?

Googling where the host City is: Don’t pretend you knew.



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