The Welcome To Travel Team

Adam - Co-founder
One of the 2 founders, Adam left for a 6 month trip back in 2010. Fast forward to now and he’s still here. Adam is a sport, food and music lover and that’s ideal because Melbourne is the perfect place for all of those things. Like Darryl, Adam is passionate about showing each and every traveller why he loves Melbourne so much. Adam mainly looks after day-to-day operations and is the main point of contact before arriving.
Darryl - Co-founder
Darryl also set off on his travels with Adam back in 2010. He has lived in Western Australia, Sydney and Byron, but has always found himself returning to his favourite City, Melbourne. Darryl’s main roles at Welcome to Travel include guiding, social media content and content production. Darryl loves sport but his number one passion is meeting travellers and ensuring their Australian journey is as incredible as possible.
Clauds - Tour Guide
Clauds is lucky, why? Because she’s a Melburnian, meaning she’s from the best City in the World.Clauds’s Danish mother and Aussie father actually met travelling meaning travelling is quite literally in her blood.Before joining WTT as a guide in September 2018 Clauds had lived abroad 3 times, in the US, Denmark and most recently in Thailand meaning although she’s from Melbourne, she understands the journey each and everyone one of you are on!
Sander - Community Manager
Sander is our newest team member! Originally from the Netherlands, he has been in Australia since 2016. He’s worked in several roles in travel and is now Welcome to Travel’s Community Manager meaning he is the go to guy for travel, employment or general life advice after your tour. Something Sander is great at? Eating dumplings! Something Sander is terrible at? Paddleboarding…just ask anyone that’s been on tour with him!


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