Dolphins & White Sands

Day 4

Rise and shine, we’re going on a road trip of a lifetime. After passing through Australia’s first National Park for a waterfall stop, you’ll witness some breathtaking lookouts and coastline scenery as we drive along the Sea Cliff Bridge to our destination, Jervis Bay, which is famous for a couple of things.

Firstly, dolphins! Yes that’s right, you’ll be spending the morning on a boat watching these majestic creatures jump alongside you, all whilst you take in the beauty of the bay area.

Secondly, Jervis Bay is also famous for having the whitest sand in the world, so guess what you’re doing in the afternoon? That’s right, you’ll be spending some time on it!

We’ll make sure to include some beach games as well as a secret stop off before heading to our next stop, Surf Camp.

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