As we said, we are you and have been in your shoes, there’s a million questions and hopefully we’ve answered most on our FAQ section but here are some essential extras that we hope we can make your Australia trip easier.

Backpacks & Travel Accessories

The greatest relationship you will ever have, is with your backpack. They are going to travel around the world with you and stick with you through thick and thin.

You want to ensure that you are well equipped for your journey, so we would advise in a wise investment into your backpack. We have teamed up with Outdoor Look, who offer a wide range of high quality backpacks and the most competitively priced company we found.

Click here to take you through to the website.

Travel Insurance

Here at Welcome to Melbourne we acknowledge how important it is to make sure that you are covered for anything that could happen on your travels.

Travel Insurance may be the most boring purchase for your travels, but also one of the most essential so we have done the hard work for you.

Below is an easy travel insurance quote calculator, provided by World Nomads. World Nomads are a hugely respected insurance retailer specialising in youth travel and offering several different options. They are even the company we use ourselves!

Get covered for both your valuables and health, to be able to travel with confidence.

*With Welcome to Travel: Melbourne it is a requirement for you to join our tour with insurance.

Currency Transfer

You’re away from home, so make sure your money goes as far as possible.

We hate…no sorry HATE, international bank fees, extortionate rates for you to get your money out. So here is something you will love. At Welcome to Travel: Melbourne we’re going to help you set up your Australian bank account and you’re going to have to transfer money from home.
TransferWise have come up with a genius way of transferring money, which gives you an exchange rate similar to what you see online, rather than the banks taking a big cut. See the video below and click on the image for more information.