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Travel Agent Community Assistant Leader

Job Opportunity Melbourne & Sydney

Dear Future Travel Agent Assistant Leader,

Does the thought of working for the company that just won ‘Best Tour Operator’ at the Global Youth Travel awards sound exciting?

Or maybe you have worked in the industry before and you’ve been longing for a route back into the industry? 

Maybe you haven’t made the next move because you’re sick of cut and paste roles that all look the same? 

Don’t tell us, they go along the lines of “We’re looking for someone with 10 years experience, you will be a motivated individual but also a team player yada yada yada” 

How many of them actually tell you about the company and the culture? 

How many times do you even want to keep reading the ad? Not many, right?

Well HERE is your calling.

If you’re going to work every day, putting your time and energy into a career, then you should be looking for something that aligns with your values and that you truly believe in.

Imagine actually getting excited about going to work, what a feeling!

If your face is lighting up as you’re reading, this might be the most important job ad you ever read. 

When looking at who is best to join our team, we look for individuals that are switched on, sharp and passionate about travel, people and delivering experiences. 

We look for people that are assertive, ambitious, are excited about getting themselves, and our travellers out of their comfort zone.

Wait a minute, what is an Travel Agent Assistant Leader anyway?

This is someone who: 

  • Cares about international travellers’ experience of Australia
  • Want to have a lasting impact on people’s lives
  • Wants travellers to return home and shout from the rooftops that everyone needs to go travelling.
  • Truly believes that travel enables people to see the world differently.
  • Is passionate about training and leading teams
  • Is ambitious about growing as a person and a leader
  • Is excited by new challenges, opportunities and a fast paced environment
  • Is enthusiastic about embracing the Welcome to Travel culture, and therefore instilling it in others.
  • Is able to work independently, but also work in, and positively contribute to a team.
  • Isn’t afraid to share and contribute their ideas on how to improve systems and processes, and then lead the way in implementing them.

Now we know that sounds cheesy but the positive effect our tours and community have on people is astounding. Check our reviews on Google if you don’t believe us.…

We pride ourselves on our service, and a huge part of our success in delivering that is down to the itineraries that we organise in the Community Team and the help we offer to find employment. This role is about not only looking after all of our travellers, but also working with your team to ensure they’re the best they can be.

There will also be the opportunity to work with the leadership team to contribute to, and implement larger company projects and initiatives.

Ok, a little bit about us…

  • We’re a total travel solution company for young people who want to travel to Australia.
  • We won ‘Best Tour Operator’ at the Global Youth Travel Awards 2023.
  • We run award winning tours in Melbourne, Sydney and the East Coast of Australia for international travellers.
  • We have over 2,500 five star reviews across Google and TripAdvisor.
  • We’ve welcomed travellers from 39 different countries.
  • We have offices in Melbourne and Sydney.
  • We’re crazy ambitious. 
  • We’re focused on being the best we can be.

We know that the hardest part about travelling is always the start, so we want to make sure each traveller has the best possible experience with us.

Let Us Tell You About The Role

Through successful management of relationships, partners and itineraries, ensure that all travellers are being looked after, to the necessary high standard that Welcome to Travel holds.

  • Although your working week and expectations will be clear, the role will be kept exciting and fresh. 
  • The working environment can be dynamic and flexible, it won’t be a clock in and clock out kind of role.
  • Our growth to date has been the result of hard work, but also team collaboration. We encourage great ideas from all team members and we are not afraid to implement them/try new things. 
  • We’ll be working hard to build and serve our community.

You will be: 

As Travel Community Team Member (80%):

  • Holding virtual and face to face one on ones, both before people travel here and when they’re here in Australia
  • Arranging people’s onward travels all around Australia and beyond
  • Using our employment resources to help travellers get a job
  • The travellers main point of contact
  • Working towards sales targets

As Travel Agent Assistant Leader (20%):

  • Working closely with the Community Team Leader in that city on a day-to-day basis.
  • Based in Sydney or Melbourne, depending on which city you’re applying for.
  • Assisting in recruiting and training new team members.
  • Playing a major part in the performance and development of the Community Team.
  • Suggesting new, and improving current processes that can aid customer service and/or the team’s efficiency.
  • Assist/Contribute to Team Communication. Examples include:
    • Contributing to Meetings
    • Team updates
  • Assist in Complaint Resolution
  • Assist in Social/Team Building Events, for example:
    • Team Nights Out
  • Assist leader in office/team management, examples include:
    • Office disputes
    • Team member grievance
  • In Community Team Leader’s absence, stepping in to various elements of their role such as:
    • Person of authority in office
    • Attend Leader Meetings


Leadership training will be provided. This list is not exhaustive and if required, the role may change to meet Welcome to Travel’s overall strategy, mission and vision. This will all be done with support and guidance from the leadership team.

So if you’re passionate about travel,  like the sound of working as part of a progressive team and you want to take the next step in your journey in the travel industry then:

Please take the time to write a cover letter that tells us about YOU.

We don’t want the boring stuff, we want the details.

We want you to jump off the page as if you’re actually in the room, telling us about who YOU are and specifically why you think you would be a perfect fit for this role.

If you can’t take the time to do this, then please don’t apply.

We want someone who wants to make a difference in people’s lives and go that extra mile.


We’re looking for someone that with the below skills:

  • Self-motivated, confident and energetic
  • An excellent communicator
  • Passionate about training and leading
  • Enthusiastic about learning new skills
  • Empathetic
  • Passionate about travel
  • Good organisation skills
  • Able to solve problems
  • Calm under pressure
  • A good listener

We’re looking for someone that with the below experience:

  • Working with people in some capacity, for example in hospitality, tourism
  • Travel destination knowledge of the Australian East Coast (minimum) and beyond
  • Australia Travel Sales Experience (6 month minimum)
  • Experience of using the Hero Travel system is highly beneficial

What we’re offering

  • Full time role with salary and bonuses – we want to reward our teams successes.
  • Extensive and Ongoing Training and Support – we want you to be the best version of you in this role and we take training very seriously. We will be giving you industry leading training, ensuring you have the knowledge and confidence needed for you to succeed. 
  • A Driven and Supportive Team – we’re a small but mighty team all looking out for one another to ensure the travellers have the best possible experience.
  • Travel Benefits – once you have got to grips with your role, there will be different travel opportunities for you. We can’t let the travellers have all the fun, you deserve to experience this country too
  • Employment Benefits Package – Includes Employment Assistance Program, Monthly Wellbeing/Mental Health Webinars, Fitness/Wellbeing Discounts, Team Yoga.

The Application Process

It takes around 15 – 30 minutes to complete. 

We will be asking some logistical and practical questions, you’ll need your resume handy to upload and you will have to write/copy and paste your cover letter in the platform.

The application period closes on 7 July 2024 with interviews commencing the week week starting 15 July 2024.

This role is available in both Melbourne and Sydney and set to start on 5 August, with an initial training week in Melbourne (Mon-Sat). This is a non-negotiable, so if you can’t make it, unfortunately we cannot take your application into consideration.

Good luck, we’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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