Welcome to Melbourne

8 Days / 7 Nights Fully Guided Tour


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Welcome to Melbourne

8 Days / 7 Nights Fully Guided Tour

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"I can honestly say it has been one of the best weeks of my life." Wietske J

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Over 8 days, you’ll make friends for life, experience new things and see places you’ve only dreamed of.

Our expert employment and travel help will enable you to make the most of your time in Australia.

Tour Length

8 Days / 7 Nights

Group Size

Max 22 people

Travel Style

Fully guided

Working Holiday Essentials

Bank, Phone Sim and Tax File Number

Perfect For

Working Holiday Makers, Students & Tourists

Employment & Travel Help

For your whole time in Australia


Australian Wildlife

This place is known for its wildlife and you’ll see kangaroos, koalas and wait for it, penguins! You’ll fall in love with them all.

Road Trippin’

We’re hitting the road, the beach and the vineyard as we show you what’s so special about Phillip Island and the beautiful Mornington Peninsula.

Learn to Surf

It’s an Australian rite of passage, we couldn’t welcome you without shredding could we? You’ll be catching a wave in your first week!

Foodie Heaven

Through the market, laneways, cafes and bars, you’ll spend Tuesday seeing why Melbourne is the foodie capital of the world.


Whilst in the city you’ll spend 6 nights at the perfectly located Space Hotel, famous for its rooftop hot tub and views.

Your other night is spent at The Island YHA on Phillip Island, where you can often see wallabies from your dorm window.


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Pay Just $99AUD To Secure Your Place

We’re not your average tour company. We care about inspiring you, helping you and supporting you. We’ll be here to help you with absolutely anything for the whole time that you’re in Australia, not just before your tour.

It is all about being part of our Welcome to Travel Family.



We organise your Tax File Number, bank account and SIM card.


We give you access to our employment and farm work databases.


Use the Welcome to Travel office for mail storage or just to drop in for help!


Our Australia experts organise epic travel plans for you.


If you want to start your Australian adventure in the best way possible by experiencing Melbourne in all its glory, meeting like-minded people and ticking off your bucket list, then yes, this tour is for you.

The experiences you have travelling will last forever. It’s time for you to start making memories.


Yes you do! If you’re coming here just as a tourist to visit Australia, you’ll need a Visitor Visa. 

If you’re coming here to work while you’re on holiday, you’ll need either a Working Holiday Visa (417) or a Work and Holiday Visa (462), depending on which country you’re from. 

You can find more information and a list of the various visas here.

We recommend organising this as soon as you know you’re coming to Australia. The application can be completed through your travel agent, or directly through the same Australian Government website as above. We always recommend checking the Australian Government website for any specific enquiries.

Absolutely! It doesn’t matter if you’re coming to this beautiful country to work, visit friends or family, study, sunbathe with the kangaroos or perfect your Australian accent. All of our travellers will still get the same treatment!

This depends on trip length, your travel style (backpacker or flashpacker) and what you are wanting to experience here in Australia.

According to the Australian Government, you need $5,000AUD in your bank account on arrival if you’re coming on a Working Holiday visa. This is a good savings target if you are wanting to either travel for a month or set yourself up for working and living in Australia after the Welcome to Travel week. 

However, everybody is different and to give yourself the best chance of experiencing as many things as possible in Australia, we would recommend just saving up as much as possible before you come travelling.

Of course you are – anyone would be – and of course we will! Something we love is how close our travellers get on tour, and how they become one big family at the end. 

Everyone’s in the same boat, and you will make friends for life.

Expect the best experience ever!  As long as you’re polite and friendly then you’ll be fine. To get the best out of your experience we recommend talking to people in your dorm as soon as possible. Travel broadens the mind and that is mainly because of people you meet. Listen to where they’ve been, what they’ve loved, what they recommend, their funniest stories, all of it! This will be you in a few months!

All dorms have lockers, but you will need to buy a small padlock to use them.

We aim to try and get everyone on Welcome To Melbourne in the same dorm, but if you have any special requests such as, you want to be in an all female dorm or you want to upgrade to your own room., then will be able to assist you.

About 70% of people on tour are actually solo travellers. This tour is a perfect way to meet other people and experience new things together. So many of our travellers make friends for life on our Welcome tours!

Our tours cater for people aged 18-39 years old. The average age varies each week and that’s what we love about it.

You sure can! We create a WhatsApp group chat the week leading up to the tour.

Yes! You just need to let us know who you’re travelling with beforehand and we’ll make sure you’re in the same room.


Yes definitely! As long as you tell us who you’re travelling with we’ll make sure you’re in the same room. If you’d like to upgrade to a private room then this is possible on the Extras part of the checkout.

Definitely! This can be done at the time of booking on the Extras page at Checkout. Alternatively you can add them on closer to the time. We will send you an email 4 weeks before the tour and this will ask you if you’d like to add any on. Can I book extra nights for after the tour?

Absolutely, we recommend booking 2 extra nights after the tour. This can be done at the time of booking on the Extras page at Checkout. Alternatively you can add them on closer to the time. We will send you an email 4 weeks before the tour and this will ask you if you’d like to add any on.

We include a lot of meals, as well as some delicious tastings. Outside of that, you’ll be able to find lunch for between $6-15 and dinner for $10-$20. If you want to save money, you can always team up with people and cook dinners at the hostel!

For drinks, the welcome dinner will include a drink, you’ll be given two on your food and drink tour, and another four during the bar crawl – how good is that! Outside of that, drinks usually cost between $7-11 but we can also point you in the direction of plenty of places with happy hours offering drinks for $5-6.

Because accommodation, activities and some food and drink is already included, we would suggest that $200-$250 of extra spending money during your week with us will be enough!

The $99 deposit is required to secure your booking. But don’t worry! Full payment is only required 21 days before your departure date, which gives you time to save money for it! 

However, if you make a booking within 21 days of your departure date, you will need to pay the full amount at the time of booking.

Once you know you’re coming to Australia and that you’d like the best possible welcome here, we’d recommend placing your $99 deposit right away, especially as we offer free date changes.

Our Welcome to Melbourne tour is often fully booked 3 months in advance.

Yes! If you pay your deposit and later realise you have to change your date, don’t panic. 

You can change the date of your booking, unlimited times and subject to availability, up until 14* days before your departure date.

*Normally 28 days but currently 14 due to COVID19. Please see our terms and conditions here.

The Great Ocean Road Add On is an amazing way to carry on your journey as a group. You don’t know these people right now, but you’ll become friends across the week. The Welcome to Melbourne tour finishes on the Sunday, from Tuesday we have booked 5 days of car hire and 4 nights of accommodation meaning that you can go on a self-guided group adventure together. We give you an advised itinerary and off you go for an amazing road trip adventure!

That’s up to you and we’re here to help with that.! Everyone has different plans for their time in Australia. You might even find that your plans may change halfway during the tour after meeting some new friends.

Either way, the Welcome To Travel team is here to support you before, during and after the welcome week. Whether it’s work or travel you’re looking to organise or get advice on, we’ll be able to help you.

We will go through options that suit you specifically in the 1-on-1 sessions on the Saturday of the tour. We then have our Experience Team who will be there to help you throughout your whole time in Australia!

Of course! During our travel presentation, we will give you an overview of all the beautiful and exciting destinations and experiences around Australia.

Following this, during your 1-on-1 sessions with our team, we will talk more specifically about what exactly you want to see and do, and we’ll help you plan everything. We want to make sure you have the most amazing adventure possible while you’re here!

With our help, that’s how! 

As part of your Welcome to Melbourne package you will receive exclusive tips, resources and guidance towards finding a job and farm work in Australia.

We will present you with all of the basic information needed to get started, and give you access to our huge database of employers and contacts in sectors such as hospitality, retail, construction, sales and marketing and many more.

We also send out a weekly update email that highlights the most recent job and farm work opportunities we come across.

Depending when you land you will receive your Australian Sim Card on Friday morning before the tour or on Monday morning of the tour, during the meet and greet session.

Don’t panic! You will be able to jump on the free wi-fi at the hostel and airport beforehand to let everyone back home know that you got to Melbourne safe and sound.

This is basically a personal identity number created for you by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). It is required if you want to work in Australia, so that you can be correctly taxed on your income from day one. 

You will provide this number to each employer you have while you are in Australia and your tax will be deducted from your wage accordingly, just as it would be in your home country.

If you’re travelling as a tourist for just a few weeks, you don’t need one – a pre-loaded travel cash card will work just fine!

If you’re here for a longer period of time (for example, on a Working Holiday Visa) then it’s highly recommended to open an Australian bank account. Not only will you save a lot on exchange/transaction fees, but employers will only pay wages into an Australian account. It’s also an extremely easy process that we will organise for you.

You can fast-track the whole process by creating a Wise account, so that you can already have Australian dollars in your account for when you get here. But don’t worry about all of this now, we’ll explain it all soon!

Medicare is Australia’s health care scheme, which allows Australians and some overseas visitors to access certain health services at little or no cost. Only a handful of countries are eligible to apply for Medicare in Australia, including: 

Belgium, Finland, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, The Republic of Ireland, Slovenia, Sweden and the United Kingdom

Click HERE to see details for eligibility and details for enrolment, such as what documents you will need to bring to service centres. We will also explain this in more detail when you arrive and point you in the right direction.

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Welcome to Melbourne


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Welcome to Melbourne Reviews

UK| Travelled In February 2019
Read More
A truly wonderful week, the welcome to travel group are fantastic and Clauds is a Don. If you're slightly nervous about solo traveling I would 100% recommend the package. They set up everything you need stress free and take you out on the most amazing trips. As you're grouped with other travelers you make new friends fast. I personally think I have made friends for life and have memories that will stay with me forever. Thank you Clauds and thank you welcome to travel.
Netherlands | Travelled in May 2019
Read More
BEST DECISION I HAVE EVER MADE!! I had the most amazing time with welcome to travel in Melbourne! They’re amazing. The activities are amazing and the people working there are lovely. They helped planning my whole trip. They made me feel so welcome! They’re doing such a good job to try get to know you and create a personal bond with you!
Canada | Travelled in October 2019
Read More
What an amazing group of people and tour! Coming here on a working visa, I was a bit nervous and unsure of how to get started or what to do. After the welcome tour, I came away with a greater appreciation for the city of Melbourne, met new friends, and left with travel plans for the next two months. Our tour guide Claudia was outstanding, I couldn't think of a better person to run the tour. She was friendly, caring, and informative. Her and the rest of the team share an amazing passion for helping travellers and it shows. If you're looking for a great way to start your trip in Melbourne, I could not recommend Welcome to Travel enough!!
UK | Travelled in March 2020
Read More
For anyone heading to Australia this tour is a great way to settle into city life and find your feet in Melbourne. Every day was packed with a different activity and each activity helped the group bond with each other. The surfing and penguin parade were definitely my top highlights. We’ve all become very good friends because of this tour. The guides and help from welcome to travel was amazing, if there was ever a problem or concern, they did everything they could to help us. I especially want to say a massive thank you to Billy who was our guide (don’t be afraid of the beard, he’s softy at heart) and made us feel like Melbourne was a home away from home! I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone thinking of traveling Australia, trust me you’ll have an amazing time!!
Netherlands | Travelled in October 2018
Read More
Did the 8 day tour with Welcome to Travel and it was AWESOME! Not only do you get to see wildlife up close, go surfing, wine tasting and exploring the city, you also feel so welcome and at ease with the guides. Legends all, they make sure everyone feels included and really take the time to get to know you. After the week you will know Australia and Melbourne better and you'll also have a better sense of how you're going to tackle the next phases of your trip. This is not just a tour, you join the Welcome to Travel family. ^^
Colombia | Travelled in February 2020
Read More
This week definitely went above and beyond all my expectations! The value for your money is amazing! And the activities included in the itinerary are fantastic!! 100% recommended!
Germany | Travelled in February 2020
Read More
“Ich würde diese Tour von vorne bis hinten nur empfehlen! Man lernt neue Leute kennen die innerhalb von einer Woche zur Familie werden, bekommt einen Einblick von Melbourne nicht nur von den typischen Touristenattraktionen sondern von versteckten Bars, ganz viel gutes Essen und andere Highlights der Stadt und wird von Anfang an unterstützt mit allem was man sonst noch so in Australien vor hat (das heißt daheim so wenig Arbeit bezüglich Planung wie möglich haha!). Das ganze Team ist immer extrem gut gelaunt und man fühlt sich von Anfang an willkommen. Außerdem bekommt man einen ersten Eindruck von der wunderschönen Natur Australiens, Momente die man nie vergisst und von allen anderen für beneidet wird! Also für jeden der schon in der erste Woche sagen will “Das wird die beste Zeit meines Lebens!” Bucht diese Tour!”
Sweden | Travelled in January 2020
Read More
“En helt underbar introduktion till min Australien resa! God mat, otroligt fina vyer både i staden och utanför. Prova på att surfa, mata känguruer och träffa främlingar som snabbt blev vänner! En intensiv men också stressfri vecka. Welcome to travel teamet hjälper dig med allt, oavsett om du ska stanna en vecka eller ett helt år, om du vill arbeta eller bara resa runt blir du väl omhändertagen! Tack Billy för en otrolig vecka och för allt du hjälpt mig med! Tack teamet för all stöttning jag får när jag behöver det! Rekommenderar starkt Welcome to travel för alla som vill åka till Australien”
USA | Travelled in February 2019
Read More
I cannot think of a better way that I could have spent my first week in Oz. As the week began, it became immediately obvious that this company is something the team have poured their hearts and souls into. Great activities, awesome guides, and really well thought out planning.

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You won’t pay any extra if before the change you:

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£564 GBP
$681 USD
€653 EUR
$879 CAD
£564 GBP
$681 USD
€653 EUR
$879 CAD
£564 GBP
$681 USD
€653 EUR
$879 CAD
£564 GBP
$681 USD
€653 EUR
$879 CAD

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