The Perfect Way To Start Your Australian Adventure

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We want to help you tick it off! With surfing, wildlife time and beach hangs you can be sure to make a start with our 8 day itinerary!


We arrived as backpackers on a gap year just like you! Now we want to help you have the best time in Australia, starting with showing off the world’s best city….


Our 8 day tour gives you an automatic group of friends. You will meet people from all over the world and by the end of the trip you will have friends for life.


We organise everything that you need when arriving. That’s your airport pick-up, accommodation, your bank account, phone sim and your tax file number.


As long as you’re travelling, we’re helping you. Every one of you gets lifetime of support which covers everything, employment, travel and general life advice.


Watch the video to see why this is Australia’s most unique, exciting and inclusion filled travel package. 
This is our most popular tour and we’re proud that it recently won the Best Tour in Victoria at the Adventure Tourism Awards.


Covering all the essentials, this semi-guided 4-Day Melbourne Mini Pack is a great way to start your working holiday in Australia.


  • positive review  Best tour I have ever been on. Would recommend everyone goes on this, local or not, great value for money, amazing experiences and a great way for backpackers to get started

    thumb Sarah Newlyn

    positive review  Had a fantastic first week in Melbourne thanks to these guys. It was quick and easy to get SIM card and bank set up on the first day. After that it was 7 days of laughs led by the awesome ball of energy Claudia. Perfect mix of time in the city/time at the beach plus a roadtrip blasting the tunes. I would 100% reccommend Welcome to Travel if you are considering heading out to Australia.

    thumb Adam Nelson

    5 star review  I was in Melbourne and I was welcomed! Exactly what I wanted. I heard great things about their Great Ocean Road tour but I don't think it was running at the time. Can't recommend these guys enough. (Adam's the cute one, Darryl's the brains) #whocanchoose?

    thumb Jordan Bews
  • positive review  I had a great time. All of you guys are super awesome and have been a huge help for me. The week was the perfect start for my Australia adventure. I am looking forward to keeping in touch.

    thumb Tom Schultz

    positive review  Welcome To Travel is amazing. Provided a jam-packed week full of activities and laughter showcasing the best of Melbourne. Would definitely recommend it to anyone travelling to Melbourne on a Working Holiday Visa or as a tourist. Met so many amazing friends that I will most certainly keep in touch with! Set everything up for you so no worries when you arrive in Aus and provide great help for onward travel, accommodation and potential employers.

    thumb Errin McElhinney

    positive review  Had the most amazing week with these guys. Really got to experience some authentic Australian activities. Claudia, Adam abs Daryl are really great people, fantastic personalities and make you feel very welcome. Extremely knowledgeable about Australia, explain the best way to travel and have great contacts to find jobs all throughout Australia. Really glad I did this tour to start my travel in Australia. Thank you guys so much

    thumb Laura Thornley
  • positive review  The best possible way to start your adventure in Australia. Darryl and Adam were so helpful and they know everything you need to know about Melbourne and Australia. Great activities as-well with a good mix, this tour has somethig for everybody. The best part is that they will help you during your whole stay in Australia. So glad that I did this tour, absolutely value for the money.

    thumb Ebba Möller

    positive review  All the crew at Welcome to travel are absolutely exceptional in every way. Completely made me feel so at ease from the moment of meeting any of them. Always available to answer any questions or help in a way possible. Claudia was fantastic went above and beyond to help me with everything as I arrived a few days early before the tour started, even helped me get around the city. The tour itself exceeded all my expectations, such a fun filled and packed week!! But the help and support given by the whole team is the most refreshing and settling feeling. I could not recommend welcome to travel enough!! Anyone who is thinking about it !! DO IT !!

    thumb Nicole Smyth

    positive review  Was very sceptical at first after I booked this about what was in store for me but can definitely say it was one of the best weeks I’ve had with a mad bunch of people. Claudia, Adam and Darryl done more for us than I ever expected, all three of them made me feel so welcome and guided me through my first week in Melbourne and are continuing to support me through the rest of my travels in Australia. Met loads of new people from all over and made some really good friends, all in all a great experience that I’d highly recommend if you’re thinking of coming to aus and not sure what way to go about it. Shoutout to mumma Clauds for being a champ🤙🏼

    thumb Alex Carruthers



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The indigenous people of Australia are the worlds oldest continuous civilisation. 

The land we take our travellers on is owned, and always will be owned by the aboriginal people. 

More needs to be done to ensure that aboriginal children have access to education. 

We promise to make a contribution to Children’s Ground from every booking you make.