The Perfect Way To Start Your Australian Adventure

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We want to help you tick it off! With surfing, wildlife time and beach hangs you can be sure to make a start with our 8 day itinerary!


We arrived as backpackers on a gap year just like you! Now we want to help you have the best time in Australia, starting with showing off the world’s best city….


Our 8 day tour gives you an automatic group of friends. You will meet people from all over the world and by the end of the trip you will have friends for life.


We organise everything that you need when arriving. That’s your airport pick-up, accommodation, your bank account, phone sim and your tax file number.


As long as you’re travelling, we’re helping you. Every one of you gets lifetime of support which covers everything, employment, travel and general life advice.


Watch the video to see why this is Australia’s most unique, exciting and inclusion filled travel package. 
This is our most popular tour and we’re proud that it recently won the Best Tour in Victoria at the Adventure Tourism Awards.


Covering all the essentials, this semi-guided 4-Day Melbourne Mini Pack is a great way to start your working holiday in Australia.


  • positive review  An INCREDIBLE week in Melbourne. This tour was absolutely fantastic and I would definitely recommend it to any solo backpacker that is both nervous about making friends but also seeing what Melbourne has to offer in a fun action packed week. I found the prospect of solo backpacking was so daunting and when I got here to start the tour all the tour guides Adam, Daryll & Clauds put those nerves at ease. What’s so great about this tour is that the guiding doesn’t feel forced at all, and you definitely feel that the guides genuinely concern about how you’re feeling both on the tour and with your future travels (shown by the one to one meetings the hold near the end). You get so much out of this tour - you go round the city, try different foods, roadtrip to Philip island, surf, pet kangaroos, go on bar crawls and ultimately have a whole week full of fun! Would 100% recommend.

    thumb Harry Broadbank

    positive review  I was hesitant to book a tour but I can honestly say i am so glad i booked this one! Welcome to travel went above and beyond my expectations and the fact they won best tour in Victoria while I was doing it didn't surprise me one bit! The amount of stuff it included was unreal and, if anything, works out cheaper than organising everything yourself! Not only were the organisers just the best, the people you meet on the tour really do become family. Would do it all again! Book it now! x

    thumb Joana Alcock

    positive review  It was such a nice experience! It felt as we would have been traveling for weeks because we have seen so many different spots! The guides have always been the most helpful and entertaining people! Thank you very much! ♥️

    thumb Luisa Engelbrecht
  • positive review  Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this tour to anyone going to Australia, on a holiday or to work. Darryl was amazing, he planned our whole trip for us and I had a great first week. Even as part of a bigger tour, Darryl was so personable and ensured that everybody was having the best time possible. I can’t praise ‘Welcome to travel’ enough! They are an absolute must when travelling round Australia!

    thumb Natalie Robinson

    positive review  The best possible way to start your new adventure on the other side of the world, great value for money & priceless help from the tour guides, particularly in life after the tour, which will settle all nerves & give you the perfect journey in the weeks / months ahead which are best suited to you!

    thumb Max Harper-Emerson

    positive review  The best possible way to start your adventure in Australia. Darryl and Adam were so helpful and they know everything you need to know about Melbourne and Australia. Great activities as-well with a good mix, this tour has somethig for everybody. The best part is that they will help you during your whole stay in Australia. So glad that I did this tour, absolutely value for the money.

    thumb Ebba Möller
  • positive review  Best decision to start my journey with welcome to travel. Collected very nice experiences and very helpful information about my whole Australian adventure.

    thumb Maximilian Lindner

    positive review  Had a really good time this week. Anyone who is thinking about backpacking oz, definitely start here! Seen many cool places, with a great group of people and a great tour guide. Also the travel/job help was really useful. Could’t think of a better way to have started my travels around Australia. Thanks Clauds, Darryl and Adam!

    thumb Limme Berns

    positive review  What an unbelievable week I had with welcome to travel. One day after the next the tour continued to get better and I can’t thank the team enough for all their hard work and taking the time to get to know me and make me feel comfortable with moving to a new city. Met some amazing new friends and can’t wait to catch up with them at new year. Thank you welcome to travel for giving me a week off will never forget.

    thumb Graeme Bee



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The indigenous people of Australia are the worlds oldest continuous civilisation. 

The land we take our travellers on is owned, and always will be owned by the aboriginal people. 

More needs to be done to ensure that aboriginal children have access to education. 

We promise to make a contribution to Children’s Ground from every booking you make.