The Perfect Way To Start Your Australian Adventure

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We want to help you tick it off! With surfing, wildlife time and beach hangs you can be sure to make a start with our 8 day itinerary!


We arrived as backpackers on a gap year just like you! Now we want to help you have the best time in Australia, starting with showing off the world’s best city….


Our 8 day tour gives you an automatic group of friends. You will meet people from all over the world and by the end of the trip you will have friends for life.


We organise everything that you need when arriving. That’s your airport pick-up, accommodation, your bank account, phone sim and your tax file number.


As long as you’re travelling, we’re helping you. Every one of you gets lifetime of support which covers everything, employment, travel and general life advice.


Watch the video to see why this is Australia’s most unique, exciting and inclusion filled travel package. 
This is our most popular tour and we’re proud that it recently won the Best Tour in Victoria at the Adventure Tourism Awards.


Covering all the essentials, this semi-guided 4-Day Melbourne Mini Pack is a great way to start your working holiday in Australia.


  • positive review  It was alright... By which I mean amazing!! Had so much fun, every activity was so brill and so good to experience with a great bunch of travellers/newbies to Oz. Daz was great and sorted us right out for our onward plans and I’m leaving the week really excited for what’s next in Oz 😊❤️🇦🇺✌🏻

    thumb Anna Scott

    positive review  A fantastic week! Daryll has been amazing as our tour guide. Whether you think you think you've got everything planned or not you should go on this trip. Having the constant support from Daryll, Adam and Claud is priceless. And they keep in contact even after the week is over. Now nine of us are off to travel the Great Ocean Road together !!

    thumb Kara Hull

    positive review  Just fantastic. Darryl and Adam are amazing at what they do, and really make you feel at home in a new city. Brilliant experience that exceeded all expectations - book your trip now if you want to see golden beaches, kangaroos, vineyards, try your hand at surfing and explore the depths of Melbourne, making new friends while you're at it!!

    thumb Sarah Maria
  • positive review  It's was an amazing week ! I discovered so much with Welcome to travel.

    thumb Clara Falke

    positive review  Ich war ziemlich unsicher und aengstlich im Bezug auf meine Australien- bzw. Work and Travel-Reise. Ich hatte keinen wirklichen Anfangspunkt und wusste auch generell nicht, wie ich das ganze angehen sollte. Eine Freundin empfahl mir dann welcome to travel, und ich war skeptisch: brauche ich wirklich die ganzen Ausflüge, die Tourguides, brauche ich wirklich jemanden der mir das alles vor die Füße legt und vor allen Dingen: ist es das Geld wert? Ganz kurzfristig habe ich mich dann entschieden, teilzunehmen, und ich kann wirklich sagen dass das die beste Entscheidung war, die ich seit langem getroffen habe! Darryl und Adam sind einfach wundervoll, sie haben mir all meine Sorgen genommen, die ich Anfangs hatte. Sie haben mal in der gleichen Haut gesteckt wie wir und wissen ganz genau was wir brauchen und wollen und noch dazu bekommt man wertvolle Insider-Tipps. Die Ausflüge waren genial, fuer jeden was dabei, und nichts kam mir überflüssig vor. Und das aller beste: sie sind die ganze Reise fuer einen da. Ich weiss, dass ich nie alleine bin und die besten Tipps und ein offenes Ohr immer auf mich warten. Ich habe bei so etwas wie welcome to travel vorher noch nie teilgenommen, aber ich bin mir sicher dass man sowas wie hier nicht nochmal findet, und ich bin unglaublich traurig, dass die Woche so schnell rumging. Also, egal warum ihr zweifelt: macht mit! Ihr werdet es zu 10000% nicht bereuen. Cheers to you, Darryl and Adam!

    thumb Nina Ketzler

    positive review  I have just done the 4 day package with the team. All of them are fantastic people, they make everything very simple for you and seem to be endless fountains of knowledge. They will be able to help you with every aspect of your trip to Australia, I finished my package yesterday and already have a job lined up thanks to them. The 4-day package is fantastic value for money, and I was fortunate enough to spend a day and an evening with the longer package group. Based on that short time I would definitely recommend that longer package. It is more expensive but, in hindsight, I’d say the value for money is even greater. In short: great people, great company, and I look forward to consulting them about my future plans when I return from the outback.

    thumb Jamie Clark
  • positive review  Had the most amazing week with these guys. Really got to experience some authentic Australian activities. Claudia, Adam abs Daryl are really great people, fantastic personalities and make you feel very welcome. Extremely knowledgeable about Australia, explain the best way to travel and have great contacts to find jobs all throughout Australia. Really glad I did this tour to start my travel in Australia. Thank you guys so much

    thumb Laura Thornley

    positive review  Welcome To Travel was the perfect start to my time in Oz. I initially didn’t feel the need to book any kind of tour, and was happy to just show up and meet people and plan my own activities. After watching the video they have to summarize the 8 day tour, it seemed like an awesome time and a good value as well considering all that is included. I had the opportunity to be impressed by the WTT crew a few weeks before I even landed in Oz. I had some issues with my booking through my credit card company, and the team was hugely helpful, professional, and patient in helping to work through those issues. As the week began, it became immediately obvious that this company is something the team have poured their hearts and souls into. Great activities, awesome guides, and really well thought out planning. I was consistently impressed with the connections they have made within Melbourne and also around Oz to make both the tour and our travel afterwards so much easier and more enjoyable. Businesses and restaurants have set aside space, time, and even special pricing and menus to build and maintain a relationship with the awesome WTT team. There are so many fun scheduled items throughout the week, but there are also countless smaller moments where you get to simply enjoy time with people who have quickly gone from strangers to close friends. There are just as many moments where it will be plainly obvious the the guides at WTT truly care for you, your enjoyment, and your success while in Oz. I cannot think of a better way that I could have spent my first week in Oz. Still trying to get some of the Aussie slang down, but the Welcome To Travel team 100% fit what Aussies refer to as “legends.”

    thumb Logan Wooten

    positive review  I totally recommend it, it`s an amazing way to start you`re adventure in Australia. The staff can not be better and all the support received was so useful. Deeply grateful!

    thumb Amaia Caballero Aduriz



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The indigenous people of Australia are the worlds oldest continuous civilisation. 

The land we take our travellers on is owned, and always will be owned by the aboriginal people. 

More needs to be done to ensure that aboriginal children have access to education. 

We promise to make a contribution to Children’s Ground from every booking you make.