The Perfect Way To Start Your Australian Adventure

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We want to help you tick it off! With surfing, wildlife time and beach hangs you can be sure to make a start with our 8 day itinerary!


We arrived as backpackers on a gap year just like you! Now we want to help you have the best time in Australia, starting with showing off the world’s best city….


Our 8 day tour gives you an automatic group of friends. You will meet people from all over the world and by the end of the trip you will have friends for life.


We organise everything that you need when arriving. That’s your airport pick-up, accommodation, your bank account, phone sim and your tax file number.


As long as you’re travelling, we’re helping you. Every one of you gets lifetime of support which covers everything, employment, travel and general life advice.


Watch the video to see why this is Australia’s most unique, exciting and inclusion filled travel package. 
This is our most popular tour and we’re proud that it recently won the Best Tour in Victoria at the Adventure Tourism Awards.


Covering all the essentials, this semi-guided 4-Day Melbourne Mini Pack is a great way to start your working holiday in Australia.


  • positive review  Best tour ever!! I would recommend 100% to anyone who wants to check off a ton of cool stuff of their bucket list in just one week!! They were epic 🤙🏽

    thumb Merary Guerra

    positive review  The best possible way to start your new adventure on the other side of the world, great value for money & priceless help from the tour guides, particularly in life after the tour, which will settle all nerves & give you the perfect journey in the weeks / months ahead which are best suited to you!

    thumb Max Harper-Emerson

    positive review  This was such an awesome week! It provides us with the necessary tools to thrive here in Australia and allowed us to meet some rad people from all over the world! They went above and beyond to make sure we had a fun filled week and helped us get to know more about this beautiful place we are fortunate enough to call our new home. Not only did they get us set up in this week alone, they also helped us plan a few months of travel to some amazing spots and getting good deals on the package. Overall these three are awesome humans and what they are doing with this company is truly refreshing and I am glad I was able to experience it! If you are planning on traveling to Melbourne this is a great company to get involved with and help get you set up for this next chapter of your life!

    thumb Kaitlyn Fiscus
  • positive review  Welcome to Travel is an investment in a good time and support from a genuine staff! Perfect way to get acclimated when first moving to Australia or have an awesome time for a short holiday. My tour ended but somehow it keeps giving! ("Somehow" is the staffs greatness, not all heroes wear capes. lol) Whatever reason you’re hesitating, trust yourself and participate in the program. Quality 🤗😁

    thumb Shaneeka Supal

    positive review  Thaaank you for kickstarting my week in the best way possible. So helpful and so much fun.

    thumb Anna Mostyn

    positive review  Just had such an amazing week! Initially I was apprehensive about the tour but that changed when the tour started. They were amazingly helpful from the beginning, sorting everything out for us, phones, bank and what we are going to do next. Help with employment and most importantly planning a tour of Australia. The wealth of knowledge they have about Australia is fascinating. Highly recommended.

    thumb Thomas Turnell
  • positive review  Awesome guides, great tour in a beautiful city, would definitely recommend it to anybody coming to Melbourne. They help you sort out your life coming here and show you around Melbourne, making sure you've seen all the great places

    thumb Ruben Pareyns

    positive review  I totally recommend it, it`s an amazing way to start you`re adventure in Australia. The staff can not be better and all the support received was so useful. Deeply grateful!

    thumb Amaia Caballero Aduriz

    positive review  유일한 비 영어권 참가자였지만, 여러 모로 배려해줘서 투어가 어렵지 않았구요. 투어가이드분들도 매우 좋았습니다.

    thumb Jeongmi Lee



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The indigenous people of Australia are the worlds oldest continuous civilisation. 

The land we take our travellers on is owned, and always will be owned by the aboriginal people. 

More needs to be done to ensure that aboriginal children have access to education. 

We promise to make a contribution to Children’s Ground from every booking you make.