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Travel the East Coast in a style that suits you.

Everyone has a different travel style, time they’re able to travel and of course budget. It doesn’t matter if you’re a nature lover, adrenaline junkie, camper or flashpacker, we have the experience, expertise and connections to help you.

Whether you’re travelling solo, with a partner, friends or with family we can organise the dream customised adventure for you. Let’s make your bucket list come true.

Perfect For

Meeting people and doing your own thing


Hostels or campervans


Bus, car, camper or tour bus

Trip Length

You Decide

Departure Dates

Any Day


AFTA Accredited Travel Agency


Customised Itineraries

This is your trip. We don’t have a set itinerary, we customise every trip based on your wishes, budget and time frame. Not only that, we keep making changes until you’re happy.

Free Advice Calls

We can speak over email or socials, but we love to get to know you and answer every question you have. This puts you at ease for a trip of a lifetime.  Go here to book your free travel advice call now.

Payment Plans

There’s nothing worse than planning something and then realising you need to pay in full. Just like we don’t have set itineraries, we don’t have set payment plans, just the plan that suits you. 

Support While Travelling

Question about your campervan? Need us to tell your next tour you’re vegetarian? No worries, our community team will be there to support you for your whole journey.



We’re not your average tour company. We care about inspiring you, helping you and supporting you. We’ll be here to help you with absolutely anything for the whole time that you’re in Australia, not just before your tour.

It is all about being part of our Welcome to Travel Family.


Not only are we accredited by Quality Tourism Australia, we also hold our ATAS accreditation. Our number is ATASA17275-200511114400.

The AFTA (Australian Federation of Travel Agents) Travel Accreditation Scheme is an industry accreditation scheme that sets the benchmark of quality for the travel industry.

We know it can be daunting to take that first step, but travelling can be life-changing. Take that step, we promise you’ll never look back.


Absolutely not, that’s just one of the options as it’s such an easy way to travel, they’re so cheap and they’re of a good standard. There are other options such as car/camper hire and we can help with that!

They usually last 90 days from the first travel date. This gives most people enough time to travel the coast but if you did want to stop and work somewhere for a few months, you are able to extend passes for an additional fee.

There’s not, it’s all customised to you and your requirements each and every time.

We can! Again, we do this based on what you want. We can speak to you about:


  • Big vs Small Dorms
  • Party Hostels v Quiet Hostels
  • City Centre Hostels
  • Hostels with Pools
  • Beachside hostels
  • Same Sex Dorms
  • Private Rooms
  • Hostels for farmwork

We also have regular hostel partners that we’ve worked with for a very long time, this means we can often save you money on these too.

Definitely, we’re the experts on travelling Australia and our team knows the best spots for everything. Because of our experience we also have contacts in all of these places, meaning we can get you the best deals all year round!

Yes! We know the planning part can be quite difficult and that’s where we come into our own. We love to nerd out on formulating the perfect itinerary that balances your experiences, budget, timings and how busy or relaxed you want your trip to be!

We will work with you to organise a perfect, customised itinerary that we will put on a calendar so you can visualise that. All your bookings will correspond with this calendar telling you where you need to be at what time and on what days. We’ll also let you know what to bring, eg suncream, towel etc.

Again, it’s up to you! We usually organise an activity every 2/3 days. So if you’re in Byron Bay for 5/6 days, we’d probably organise 2 tours and then the rest is time for you to chill. We don’t want to organise every minute of your life, we want you to be free to go on that sunset walk or for that beer with your new hostel roomie!

You sure can! Sometimes people like to have their tours and transport paid for as it helps with budgeting, but they don’t want to commit to a date just yet. That’s easy, that means we give you the ticket, and you can just call us when you know the date you’d like to book. We will advise you (different for each tour) how long before you’d need to book.

Always! We’d note this on the calendar and the tickets. This could be something like a national park fee or a tax to pay when you’re on the Great Barrier Reef. There’s nothing worse than paying out money you didn’t know about so we will always keep you informed.

Definitely! Not only have we booked thousands of people on trips like this, we’re travellers too so we have the best tips for saving money while you’re on your travels.

We can give you advice for every town on the East Coast. Date nights, cheap deals or the best places to party, we have you covered!

The tours, hostels and buses we book will always be full of people of a similar age. We specialise in booking backpacking adventures for people like you, so if we put you on a certain tour, it’s likely to have other people like you that we have booked on too!

We book people campervans every single week, so we have some great contacts for getting you the best deals. We’ll go over the different vans, their insurance options and what will suit you best.

The last thing we want you to do is worry about money. If you have a certain amount of money, we won’t design a trip that spends every single dollar of that, we’ll work out how much everything will cost, roughly how much spending money you’ll need and then consider what you’re doing after and how much money you will need for that.

The $99 deposit is required to secure your booking. But don’t worry! Full payment is only required 21 days before your departure date, which gives you time to save money for it! 

However, if you make a booking within 21 days of your departure date, you will need to pay the full amount at the time of booking.

The $99 deposit is required to secure your booking. But don’t worry! Full payment is only required 21 days before your departure date, which gives you time to save money for it! 

However, if you make a booking within 21 days of your departure date, you will need to pay the full amount at the time of booking.

Yes! If you pay your deposit and later realise you have to change your date, don’t panic. 

You can change the date of your booking, unlimited times and subject to availability, up until 14* days before your departure date.


*Normally 28 days but currently 14 due to COVID19. Please see our terms and conditions here.

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