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Travel Gift Cards

Give the Gift of Travel

Why settle for another ordinary gift, when you could give the gift of adventure.

A travel gift card will take up zero space in their backpack but promise an adventure to breathtaking landscapes, new cultures and unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

Who knew something so small, could open up a world of possibilities and make someone’s dreams a reality!?

Get ready to be crowned the ultimate gift-giver…

How It Works

Choose Your Gift Card Amount

Select a gift card from below. Options range from $50AUD to $250AUD.

Used On Any Of Our Tours

From our Mini Packs all the way to our Australia Travel Packages.

Personalised Messages

Send a personalised message when sending your gift card.

Use As Many Gift Cards

If you want to buy multiple gift cards, they can be used up until there is no credit left.

$50AUD Gift Card

$100AUD Gift Card

$250AUD Gift Card


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A travel gift card allows you to give the gift of travel for a friend, family member, arch nemesis…pretty much anyone.

The person you choose to give it to, can apply the gift card amount to any of our tours.

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Each travel gift card is given a unique code and this is sent in an email.

The traveller then chooses a tour they would like to travel on.

In the checkout page there will be an option to add promo code/voucher. 

They should hit that button and then add in their unique gift card code.

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These can only be used on the Welcome to Travel website.
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Once you have chosen the amount you would like to gift, hit buy now.

This will open up to a booking page where you can fill in the details of who you would like to send it to.

Under recipient add in:
First Name
Last Name

Under email you have two options.

  1. If you want to gift this immediately, add in their email.
  2. If you want to send it to them at a later date, or even print it out add in your details.
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There are no expiration dates on gift cards.
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Yes. This means several gift cards can be gifted to the same person to help them with their travels.
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Yes. If we have any promotions they can also use the gift card.
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Unfortunately not. This is only for our tours with set departures.

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Unfortunately not. Once the travel gift card has been purchased we are unable to refund it.

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No, we will roll over any credit which you have to future bookings, so keep the unique code.
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