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Darryl Newby

Posted On 4 December 2017

As a Brit that now lives in Australia, there’s something that makes me feel lucky every summer. EVERY SINGLE SUMMER.

It’s not just the fact it’s warm, we know Melbourne is warmer than Yorkshire (slightly), but it’s actually the sensation of finishing work and feeling like you’re on holiday.

Us Brits love to bang on about how we ‘can’t believe it’s this warm at this time,’ and without a doubt, it contributes to a more relaxed and all round chirpier mood. To have the feeling of being on holiday on most summer evenings of your everyday life is a bloody beautiful thing and something I’m very grateful for.

Something that definitely contributes to that and takes it to the next level once more is a good ol’ bar overlooking the beach.

Here are my favourite 5 in Melbourne:


I don’t know how many times I’ve woken up, looked outside, then at my phone to see if it’s sunny all day (Melbourne, remember) and then text a friend saying ‘Looks like a Republica day’. I’d say it’s in the triple figures.

It’s just everything you need in a bar by the beach. It’s got a beer garden section in every place imaginable, to the side, to the front and even in the middle-you’ll have to go to see what I mean. While Sundays in the middle section are a bit classier and often attract women wearing very little and 9 layers of makeup (don’t know why I said classier), it’s a tasteful venue that can satisfy all. You could either go out for a birthday dinner or walk out of the sea and grab a burger in your togs, you’ll be happy either way.

When it’s approximately 9 paces from the sand it just had to be on this list.

Brighton Baths

There’s something special about this spot but I reckon just as much lies in the lead up too. The Baths may take the glory but if you’re going to Brighton you should treat yourself to the full experience. After getting off the train I encourage you to take a stroll to the funky little beach boxes (Yes I know we have them in the UK), get your standard ‘jump in front of it’ snap of course, but make sure you just take a bit of time to look out at sea and just gaze forever.

Once you start sweating without moving, then it’s probably time to move. Have a tip-toe over that hot sand down the beach and head out to the end of the pier. You have the Bay to your left and then the Cityscape to the right and I’d say it will blow you away 60% of the time, every time.

After that you’ll no doubt deserve a stop off at the rather old school building behind you. Old school it may be but it’s the showstopper, the headline act and the cherry on your cake of an afternoon.

Get a beer, get a steak, get your backside on that balcony, take a look around and say to yourself ‘Can you believe it’s still warm at this time?’

Cerberus Beach House

Think great location, classy restaurant meets the look of an RSL thrown in with an oversized beach box and I think that describes Cerberus to a tee. If you read that and think it doesn’t sound good then.. you’re wrong I’m afraid. It’s beyond good, it’s fanfuckingtastic.

I’m from a seaside town in the North of England and unbelievably I’ve gone through 2.75 beach spots and not yet mentioned Fish n Chips, sorry Mum. So here we are, this is where you get the classic. Why here? Because it comes with MUSHY PEAS and a healthy portion of Tartare sauce, that’s why. Mum’s forgiven me now just one sentence later.

Wash it down with a glass of Sauv Blanc and the job’s a good un.

Two Buoys

Ok, first up it’s not in Melbourne but down in Dromana on the Mornington Peninsula. I don’t care, it’s great and that’s what really matters here. It’s an opinion piece, not a Geography lesson.

Anyway, when I’ve finished arguing with myself….Two Buoys is a little cracker. I was taken there by a local lad (Jason Porter namecheck) and that’s one of the things I loved.

It’s got a belting (really good in Northern English) view, it’s in one of the wealthiest suburbs in Australia yet it’s got the feel of a proper local pub. The waitresses are flirty and funny, the old blokes are winding each other up, the dogs are asleep in the corner and everyone’s just smiling. That’s probably because they’ve eaten there. The menu offers a selection of Tapas and share plates and I’d say try them all- I think we did. Each dish rendered a ‘Woahhh that’s good, glad we got that one as well.’

Local fun feel + stunning view + top class food = Two Buoys. What a spot though….

Captain Baxters

Ahhhh Captain Baxters, it’s just a dream really. If ever you felt like you’re on holiday, it’s here.

We’ve talked about how good Republica is so you can only imagine what the place on top of it will be like. In fact don’t’ imagine, just go instead.

YES! Captain Baxter is plonked right on top of Republica, it’s big brother in every way and it’s a gem of a joint.

Aussies are celebrated for being more laid back folk than most so why don’t we join them? Travelling (I know I live here now) is about embracing other countries philosophies right?

I personally can see no better way to immerse myself in Australian culture than to knock off at Friday lunchtime and make the most of Captain Baxter’s $35 5 course set menu lunch while drinking anything that is available. Culture. Vulture.

In all seriousness though, it’s when you’re sitting with a cocktail on Baxter’s balcony talking rubbish with a close friend while taking in the sunset that you feel that you’ve made it and you know life is good.

In fact, I’d say it feels a bit like you’re on holiday!

There are another 5 reasons why you should come to Melbourne and START YOUR JOURNEY HERE. Melbourne is known as the worlds most liveable city, so if you’re heading to Australia and want some travel inspiration, follow us on Facebook and Instagram

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Darryl Newby

Travelled to Australia from the UK in 2010 for what was supposed to be a 6 month visit…that didn’t quite go to plan. He now calls Melbourne home, co-founded Welcome to Travel and is a proud dog dad to his pug, Harvey.

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