5 Things You Can Only Do In South Australia


Posted On 26 June 2024

So you’ve just finished making some incredible memories on our Welcome To Australia: East Coast tour and you find yourself thinking, what’s next? Well, the great news is that there’s still so much more to explore and South Australia is definitely not to be missed! In fact, here are 5 things that you can only do in South Australia.

Shark Cage Diving

When you told your family you were heading off to Australia, did they all say to you ‘but what about the sharks!’ Yeah, me too.

But you’ve probably noticed there are a lot less sharks hanging around than everyone has led you to believe, and now you’re keen to actually get in on the shark action. That’s right.

We’re talking Great White shark diving. Crazy? Maybe. Great travel story? Absolutely.

Feel a bit awkward doing this? Got some ethical questions?

You can contact the companies that operate there Calypso Star Charters (who run day tours) and Rodney Fox (who run multi day expeditions) directly or contact the Welcome to Travel team to see if it fits in with your style of travelling.

Visit The Underground Capital of the World - Coober Pedy

It might seem like something out of a sci-fi movie but no, Coober Pedy’s residents do in fact live underground!

Not only is it the ‘Opal Capital of the World’ but based in the heart of the desert outback it gets so hot that birds are known to fall right out of the sky.

The solution? The whole town is subterranean, a labyrinth of underground houses and shops. There’s really nothing quite like it!

It was one of the craziest places I stayed. When I went on the Welcome to Travel Community Tour in June 2024.

Hang With Seals On A Beach At Kangaroo Island

One of Lonely Planet’s top 10 regions of 2024, Kangaroo Island is full of unspoilt beauty.

If you’re looking to spot some authentic Aussie wildlife – think koalas, seals, sea lions and kangaroos (duh!) – then you’re in the right place.

Along with the wildlife you have beautiful spots, such as the Remarkable Rocks along with Little Sahara to name a few, which add

It’s only a 45 minute ferry ride from Adelaide and whether you’re heading over for the day or fancy a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the city, get in touch and Welcome to Travel can help you tick this gorgeous island off of your bucket list.

Sip Wine In a Rubix Cube

It turns out that wine doesn’t just come in boxes, it comes in cubes!

With the Mclaren Vale, Barossa Valley and the Clare Valley, South Australia has the well-deserved title of the Great Wine Capital of Australia.

So if your visit to Mornington Peninsula on our Welcome to Melbourne tour has brought out your inner wine connoisseur or you’re looking to breakfree from goon for a weekend, head on over to South Australia for your next sip. And even better, do it in a rubix cube!

Based in the McClaren Vale, the D’Ardenberg cube is the tasting site of dreams. 

Stargaze The Night Away

You may have seen some stunning night skies during your time in Australia but South Australia has the best of them all.

It’s home to the River Murray International Dark Sky Reserve, which is Australia’s first Dark Sky Reserve and one of only 15 in the entire world!

But what does that mean?

Well, you’re guaranteed to see some epic astronomical activity, from the Milky Way to the Andromeda Galaxy. It really is out of this world.

How To Travel To South Australia?

I personally loved my time in South Australia but it can be quite overwhelming putting it all together with the different options but Welcome to Travel are here to help.

Fill out the form below and we will be able to help…who knows I might be the one helping you.

Even if you’re not sure yet, make sure you add South Australia to your bucket list.

Plan Your Adventure

Not sure how to go about exploring this amazing state? Join us on our annual Welcome to Uluru & The Outback Community Tour or chat to our community team to plan your own epic personalised adventure.

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