6 Cheap (But Great) Nights Out In Melbourne

Darryl Newby

Posted On 28 November 2017

When you’re travelling you will end up socialising more than normal.

You’re constantly meeting new people, making friends and experiencing new places meaning every night seems like your first or last in that town, so what better way to celebrate than over a beer? With that in mind, it’s important to know where all the great cheap nights are!

Check out this guide for some cheap supping every night of the week!

Boozy Bingo at Red Eye Bar St Kilda

When? Monday Nights

Boozy Bingo is a Melbourne (more specifically St Kilda) institution within the backpacking scene. Held every Monday evening at Red Eye Bar St Kilda, it’s a night quite like no other.

A word from it’s creator…

‘Whoever says bingo is a boring game for old people obviously have never experienced Big Willy’s Boozy Bingo. Since 2010 it has been widely regarded as one of the wildest, funniest and most unique nights in all of Australia. Bring a pen, but leave your inhibitions behind and come and experience the biggest backpacker night in Melbourne. CHEERS EVERYBODY!’

Check out their Facebook page HERE

Cheap House at Veludo

When? Tuesdays

Veludo is one classy establishment, but the great thing is that we can afford to drink here on Tuesdays!

With it’s exposed brickwork, long-room style bar and fantastic people watching balcony, Veludo cuts an elegant figure down the stylish Acland Street but all is set aside on Tuesdays when Veludo becomes CHEAP HOUSE.

There are not many high-quality bars you can have a good night out on less than $50 but when basic spirits, wine AND Coronas are $5 and there’s guest DJs every week why would you go anywhere else on a Tuesday?!

Check out their Facebook HERE

Father’s Office


Father’s Office is conveniently located by Melbourne Central with a nice balcony area overlooking all the commuters running home. 

Happy Hour on weekdays runs from 5-7pm then 8-10pm leaving you only an hour of dry time (stock up well) in between. 

Not only is it happy for hours, it includes cocktails, beers, ciders, food specials, the whole works. 

A weird mix of suits, students and backpackers it has a rowdy inside bar area, separate restaurant part then the large balcony section- so lots of room to mingle. 

Sundays are the real clincher though- not so many people want to wander the city on a Sunday, so to get in the masses they run that extra special happy hour from 11am onwards- ALL. DAY.

The Mill House

When? Thirsty Thursdays

We’re jumping on the 16 tram from St Kilda to the City and staying classy with a visit to The Mill House, Welcome to Travel’s favourite joint in Melbourne.

The Mill House attracts every type of winer and diner throughout the week, but they make Thursdays for everyone with $6 drinks all night long- not bad for a fancy joint in the city!

Once you’ve ticked off that menu you’ll forget you’re a backpacker on a budget and more than likely indulge in their long gin list or wide range of Moonshine, yes Moonshine!

Whatever you’re drinking it won’t be long before you make this your regular Thursday hangout and justify the hungover stories with ‘Yes, but it was a Thursday’.

Check out their Facebook HERE

St Kilda Bar Crawl

When? Fridays

Bar Crawls definitely give value for money, but is there one that is more fun than the St Kilda Bar Crawl?

With the groups of over 80 people each week they head to a mix of local and backpacker bars and with legendary bar crawl organiser Jordan Bews and the team behind Boozy Bingo, you’re guaranteed to have a great night, drink lots of alcohol and win a few beads (that will make sense when you’re on the bar crawl).

Check out their Facebook HERE

Melbourne Bar Crawl

When? Saturdays

How could it be anything else? There’s so many bar crawls that go to the same kind of venues with a similar kind of vibe and that’s why they quite often end up being something you do once. That’s not the case with Melbourne Bar Crawl. Every week these guys take 150+ people to four top Melbourne bars (each with a drink included!), line your stomach with pizza on the way before delivering you to Melbourne’s biggest commercial Saturday night, Billboards.

Check out for tickets HERE

Welcome to Melbourne: The 8 Day tour includes this as part of your package!

Written By

Darryl Newby

Travelled to Australia from the UK in 2010 for what was supposed to be a 6 month visit…that didn’t quite go to plan. He now calls Melbourne home, co-founded Welcome to Travel and is a proud dog dad to his pug, Harvey.

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