Australia Is Getting Busy To Travel

A heads up if you want to travel to Australia in 2022 or early 2023.

Australia is getting busy to travel….So what do we mean by that?

Since COVID there have unfortunately been a lot of operators that focussed on working holiday makers, backpackers and gap year travellers that didn’t make it through to the other side, have had to scale back or more popular than ever. These are mainly:

  • Welcome tours. (More popular than ever)
  • Hostels around Australia. (Some hostels didn’t make it through, meaning there are less beds)
  • Fraser Island 4×4 tour operators. (Scaled back to only departing a few days a week, meaning there are less spots)
  • Whitsunday sailing tour operators. (Some boats didn’t make it through, meaning there are less spots and less boats to choose from.

What to do for Welcome Tours?

Welcome tours in Melbourne and Sydney are more popular than ever, booking out around a month in advance. Mainly because of how much they offer:

  • A week worth of epic activities
  • Accommodation in the best places in the city
  • Ongoing job and travel support for your whole time in Australia
  • An incredible travel community

What should you do?

The most important part of your travels is always the start – so check the availability for Welcome tours.

If you’re not interested in a Welcome tour but still need help travelling contact our team and they’ll be able to point you in the right direction.

Welcome Tours Availability

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