Australia Travel Talk

The Australia Travel Talk is held monthly to help you with planning your time in Australia.

We have just ran our last travel talk and planning our next one.

When Is The Next Talk?

We have paused the Australia Travel Talks…for now.
Fill in the form to be notified when we are running them again.

Who Will Be Hosting The Travel Talk?

It will be hosted by the team from Welcome to Travel, who have helped over 20,000 working holiday makers, backpackers, gap year travellers have the best experience in Australia. 

What Does It Cover?

Everything you need to know for you to feel confident about travelling Australia:

  • Where you may want to travel to
  • How much money you will need
  • Where best to start your adventure
  • The ideal time to travel
  • Tips and tricks to save you money
  • Dispelling Australian myths (mainly about how you think every room has a spider and a snake in 😂)
  • Exclusive discounts and resources
We will also be answering your questions on the Meet.

Who Else Will Be On The Call?

You will be joined from people around the world who are also looking to travel Australia in the near future. 

There are only limited spots available, so it is first come first serve.

Be Notified When The Talks Start Again

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