The Road Map - Black Friday

2022 Is Your Time To ...

2022 Is Your Time To Travel To Australia

And we want to save you some money and keep the journey going…

So we’re giving you two options this Black Friday.

Option 1 - The Road Trip

Want to do one of our famous Welcome tours?

Keep the journey going by getting a FREE ROAD TRIP.

Book in a Welcome to Melbourne this Black Friday and you will get a FREE Great Ocean Road Trip.

Book in a Welcome to Sydney and you will get a FREE Blue Mountains Road Trip.


Option 2 - The Saving

Want to save a bit of money?

Not sure if you have enough time for a road trip?

Weren’t quick enough for the FREE Road Trip option?

It’s ok we’ve got you.

Save 10% on our Welcome and Mini Pack Tours in both Melbourne and Sydney.


The Welcome Tours


No. 😀

We have open dated options for anybody who is unsure of when they want to travel with us. 

However, please note that if you have an open dated ticket you need to book in at least three months in advance to secure your spot on our Welcome tours.

When you add the promo code in the checkout for the FREE Road Trip, you will see a discount of $0.01.

When you book it will say you just have a Welcome tour.

Then within 48 hours you will receive another email with the Road Trip added on for FREE.

For the 10% off code this will be applied straight away.

No, but good try. 😜

We’re aware that it’s still an odd time to book travel, so we have made our cancellation policy as flexible as possible.

These terms apply to all bookings made between March 10th 2020 and December 31st 2021.

The period of time between the scheduled departure date and reception of notice of cancellation and the corresponding cancellation fee:

  • 28 days or more: No cancellation fee
  • 14-27 days: Free tour date change or a 75% refund
  • Within 14 days: No date change** or a 50% refund.

**If you’re unable to travel to Australia due to a form of travel ban (home country, transiting country or a country you’ve recently travelled to) then we will permit a date change for free, at any time, even within 14 days of departure. The alternative option is a 100% refund.

Unfortunately not.

With our Black Friday specials we have to coordinate this with every single element of our tours, from the surf school to our welcome meals, who help us with the special.

They allow us for Black Friday only to give you these specials.

Our Black Friday special runs from 12.00pm Melbourne time, Friday 26th November to Monday 11.59pm 29th November 2021.

For the FREE Road Trip it lasts as long as there are discount codes are available.

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