4 Travel Bloggers That Piss Us Off

Darryl Newby

Posted On 15 February 2018

Travel Blogging: a 21st century Millennial lifestyle and Gen Z trend.

It seems every person and their dog is either an Instgrammer, vlogger or blogger in the travel world. So here are 4 bloggers that really piss me off.

Yeah, you read that right. BackpackerBanter pisses me off.

I love banter and I love backpacking, but this is something else! Who does he think he is, giving out GREAT information on how to budget for your trip. He doesn’t do this for just one country either… Oh no, he does it for every single place he has travelled to. Giving great bants and useful information – the cheek of it!

Another thing which pisses me off about this long haired, ocean loving, wave shredding Englishman is his videography. He can’t just keep the views to himself. He is compelled to not only broadcast them, but also overlay graphics to give you even more info on each place. Like this video of Fraser Island for example:

You know what BackpackerBanter and your Instagram alter ego Stoked For Travel? You can piss off with all your helpful content.

Where’s Mollie? I’ll tell you where she is, all over my Facebook AND Instagram.

I can’t scroll half a page without seeing a picture from this bubbly, blonde, beloved blogger and what really pisses me off is the quality of her photos.

She even has the audacity to go to paradise, get epic pictures, and then send them off to her fan base (who are more than likely walking through sleet and snow in Slough).

You know what Mollie! You and your WM Global Travellers can piss off because your content is too fresh and relevant.

An adored travel blogger and boy, does she piss me off.

Funny, Engaging and Knowledgable. Terrible traits to have.

She shares incredibly useful information with everyone on her YouTube channel… For FREE. The audacity.

Keep it to yourself Backpacking Bananas because you’re making peoples lives too easy. Not only that, but she has teamed up with some long haired guy to give even more helpful info on travelling Australia.

And what pisses me off even more is that we agree on nearly everything. Especially that everyone should come to Australia on their gap year. 

4) Benn TK

I have saved the best for last: Benn TK. The travel blogger who pisses me off the most, for a number of reasons.

He is really, really, really, really, really, ridiculously good looking. 

Benn keep that shirt on bro, nobody wants to see your six pack… NOBODY.

He is insanely talented.

WTF Benn, seriously you can’t travel and make epic videos at the same time, it just not fair on the rest of us.

Take this vlog for example. Shot, edited and produced by one guy! AND even more epic content can be found on his YouTube Channel. Ridiculous.

You know what Benn TK, you and your epic videos can piss off. Especially that one you made in Australia. 

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Darryl Newby

Travelled to Australia from the UK in 2010 for what was supposed to be a 6 month visit…that didn’t quite go to plan. He now calls Melbourne home, co-founded Welcome to Travel and is a proud dog dad to his pug, Harvey.

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  1. Traveling is not just about exploring new places, it’s about discovering yourself in the process. It opens your mind to new cultures, languages, and ways of life, and teaches you to appreciate the beauty in diversity

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