6 Melbourne Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

Darryl Newby

Posted On 27 August 2021

We All Know Instagram Is The Best For Travel Inspiration....

Instagram and its updates are always changing…and so are the creatives on the platform. Whether you’re searching for the best reels, posts, stories or even IGTV’s to consume these are the best accounts to follow for Melbourne in 2021.

Aside from being an incredibly Instagrammable city in it’s own right, there’s a big chance that Melbourne is the city you’ve been dreaming of. Whether you’re in the planning stages of your Australian adventure or you just have Melbourne on your mind, these Melbourne Instagram accounts will give you all the travel inspo you need.

@melbourneiloveyou is ran by Chris Cincotta. Not only is he a Melbourne legend, but a talented photographer that captures the true essence of Melbourne and its people. He is also the founder of @humansinmelbourne

@melbourneiloveyou now shares other peoples stunning photos of Melbourne when you #melbourneiloveyou, so if you manage to get a beautiful snap of the city when you’re here, feel free to hashtag your life away!

Chris still gets behind the camera and captures Melbourne through a lens, often using his girlfriend @milymiss as his focus to compliment the city.

You can buy his prints, books and jigsaws at his website – melbourneiloveyou.com

@whereiskapa I’ll tell you where she is on Instagram bloody killing the reels game.

With 2.2 million views on her Sounds of Melbourne reel, along with millions of other views on her reels Kapa seriously gets Melbourne and it’s not just reels she offers.

A talented photographer with care factor for her audience giving more info in her guides around Victoria.

You want to make the most of this amazing city…follow her account.

If you have ever been to Melbourne you have seen @lushsux‘s work…and to be honest he will probably hate being on a blog like this.

His satirical, pop culture graffiti is always a talking point. From online beef with 50 Cent to poking fun at CEO’s such as Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos, no celebrity is safe when @lushsux has a spray can in his hand.

It’s always a favourite on our Welcome to Melbourne tours to find his 15 foot Kim Kardashian and Em Ratajowski mural…good looking finding it 😜

There is something so wholesome about this account which made me put it in.

Seeing Melbourne through the ages just warms my heart, but also seeing it with worldwide icons like Arnold Schwareznegger and Dolly Parton make it mind blowing 🤯, it’s like two worlds have collided.

Curated by @chrismacheras he has found images which will take you back in time and  @oldvintagemelbourne has been so popular that Chris is publishing a book with his favourite images captured over the years. A perfect gift for any Melbourne lover.

Hang on a minute…is this not a Welcome to Travel blog…well yes it is but there is a good reason why we’re putting ourselves down here.

Our Insta account is more for travellers looking to coming over to Australia maybe on a gap year or working holiday so they can be informed and see the places they want to explore. Whether you want to join us on one of tours in Melbourne or Sydney we hope our account inspires future travellers.

Also our improved Instagram game may also be due to the help and advice we received from the talented @benn_tk. The only reason he didn’t make the list is because he’s too busy travelling all over the world, but we know Melbourne’s still his favourite. 

We may not have the biggest audience, but a little follow from you would be nice. 

No creator has quite captured the lockdown mood of Melbourne better than Jeff.

It feels like when Dan Andrews changes from a North Face coat to a blazer and we’re due some bad news, we turn to @jjzandt to get us through those neggy times.

So on behalf of all of Victoria, thank you Jeff.

What now? Go follow these accounts, get inspired and come and experience one of the best cities in the world.

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Darryl Newby

Travelled to Australia from the UK in 2010 for what was supposed to be a 6 month visit…that didn’t quite go to plan. He now calls Melbourne home, co-founded Welcome to Travel and is a proud dog dad to his pug, Harvey.

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